Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Side Hatches

Whilst fitting the lining yesterday Richard noticed there were no timber battens in the area above and below the side hatches.  We both realised the lack of battening would make it very difficult to fix the lining and oak trim around the hatches so today I completed the task.

The first step was to remove the spray foam <I’m getting good at that>.  Then I cut some 1”x1” battening from part of a left over sheet of 1” ply.  This was screwed together to make four hollow rectangular frames.  Each hollow was then filled by cutting down some of the left over Kingspan insulation.  The last step was to glue the frames into the cavities above and below each side hatch.  Tomorrow I’ll fill any remaining gaps with mastic.

There were two final tasks to be completed.  The first of these was to complete the framing of the front bulkhead; again using 1”x1” plywood battens.  Finally, I repaired the set of exterior steps and entrance platform alongside the boat.  They were starting to collapse and getting to be a hazard.  We don’t want an accident to occur whilst carrying a sheet of plywood.

Apache & Cygnus arrived back this morning and moored up just beyond the waterpoint.  Paul and Jeanette look like they have had a good week away.  Jeanette commented, they must have become familiar with handling the boat & butty as the trip back had been much easier than their outward journey.

Oh Spike….. You are such a poser!

Cygnus and Apache breasted up Padworth Lock

Around 11:00AM Anne called in to visit with her friend Audrey.  We first met Anne last year when she very kindly allowed us use of her student house in Plymouth as temporary accommodation whilst we attempted to both establish ourselves in England, and fight the legal battle to get possession of Waiouru from Ben Harp Narrowboats.  We’re very grateful for her help and hope to see her again.

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