Friday, 27 April 2012

Rust Removal

Most of the day was spent with a wire brush removing rust from the second water tank and the gas locker.  It was a hot and dirty task working with my head and shoulders in a confined area.  Waiouru has two connected fresh water tanks.  The primary tank is in the the bow, where many boats have their gas locker.  The second tank is under the foredeck in the cratch.  The main tank was given a coat of primer by Wilson-Tyler when they built the shell, however it still requires a coat of tank black.  The second tank was fabricated by Dennis after we arrived at Aldermaston Wharf.  The interior is still bare steel and over the past few months rust has formed on the surfaces.  It’s such a confined area I’d avoided doing anything in the hope one of the ‘younger’ members of the boatyard staff would prepare the surface and paint the inside.  Alas it hasn’t happened!

With little else to do today I set myself the target of removing all the rust and preparing the interior surface of the tank for painting.  Andy has told me to use Hempel two-pack black, however there is none in stock.  The chandlery is expecting a delivery very shortly as one of the boats on the hardstanding is due to have a second coat prior to it going back into the water next Tuesday.  Consequentially I shall probably paint the tank tomorrow or Monday. 
The blue tinge to the photo is from the tarpaulin covering the cratch. All it now requires is for the interior surfaces to be wiped clean with an old cloth.  Whilst I was in the mood to remove rust I had a go at the base of the gas locker.
The walls had already been primed and given two coats of white bilge & locker paint. Rain water has been pooling at the front of the locker and rusting the base.  Actually there is a drain in the floor in the rear corner of the locker but because Waiouru is level the water isn’t draining away.  My assumption is the pooling won’t occur when Waiouru is in the water because she will be lower at the stern.  I’ve decided to also paint the base of the locker with the two-pack blacking.  While I’m at it I might as well paint the bow thruster tube on the same day.  Hang on……. I keep thinking of more work!

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