Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not quite there with the throne maintenance!

This morning started grey and cold.  No snow or rain and just to confuse, occasional bursts of sunshine!

We have a lingering “pong” from the toilet which I suspect means everything didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped during the recent repairs.  Initially I thought the mounting bolts securing the base of the toilet to the tank may not have been sufficiently tightened, however my thoughts have moved elsewhere.  The top half of the toilet was inverted during the process which made me suspected “something” may have dislodged and become trapped under the rim of the bowl.  Another idea was the “odour” was rising from the tank via the bowl overflow drain.  Jan then noticed the “post-use” water in the bowl was slowly draining though the “trapdoor”.  Obviously we are not getting a watertight seal and it’s therefore likely the odour is emanating from the dump-through tank via the same seal.

As Jan intends going to Newbury today I asked her to purchase some toilet cleaner we I could use to remove any build-up of salts, minerals and other “crud” from the seal and trapdoor.  If that doesn’t work then the existing seal will likely need replacing.  Fortunately there is a replacement toilet seal kit in the chandlery and at least I now know how to dismantle the toilet!   On reflection, I suppose it’s better to acquire and practice your toilet maintenance skills on someone else’s toilet.

Update.   Jan returned, and despite assuring me she had bought the cleaner, it wasn’t in the shopping bags.  After wandering up to the chandlery it was suggested I purchase some Sealand toilet cleaner and descaler.  After replacing my screaming plastic friend back in my wallet. I returned to Molly minus next month’s pocket money.  Donning Jan’s rubber dishwashing gloves, [note to one’s self to dispose of them correctly otherwise tomorrow’s breakfast might taste funny!] turned off the power to the water pump and placed my head back in the bowl.  This is becoming familiar territory!      Squirt… squirt… rub.. scrub…  Phew….. smell the bleach!   Wait a few minutes, then flush.  Seal still leaks…… Bugger!   Make a second attempt at cleaning the seal and trapdoor.  Still not sealing…… Looks like it might be dismantle and replace seal time.

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