Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lower Wall Lining

The sun has got its hat on!……. Makes a change from yesterday’s grey and wet weather.

I had a very broken night and consequentially Jan had the same.  The problem was a result of using muscles I didn’t know I had. My neck, shoulders and thighs ache after cutting back the spray foam under the gunwale.  It’s an age thing!  If I lay on the floor and looked up under the gunwale it was too far away for my glasses to keep everything in focus.  Sitting aggravated my back.  In the end the only successful position was to alternate between kneeling or squatting and simultaneously look under the gunwale by turning my head to the right and looking up.  By stretching my neck forward and peering under my armpit I could see the underside of the gunwale.  Then I need to brace myself with one hand whilst holding the portable oscillating saw in the other.  After cutting back 8-12” I’d have to “duck-walk” or shuffle along to the next section.  Four hours later the task was complete!

Oh to have the body of a teenager! Smile

Despite me getting under his feet Richard managed to fit the bulk lining below the gunwale today.

Completed back to the beginning of the swim

Finished to the bow

He is taking great care to ensure all the sheets are level and well secured to the battens. Where the sheets meet he is rebating one inch off the ends of each sheet so they will overlap. A 2mm expansion gap is left in the join which is then fixed to the batten with screws through both sheets.  By carefully measuring he has been able to only have one visible join in the sheets throughout the boat.  All the other joins are hidden by partitions or cabinets. 

In the bedroom I have stolen an extra two inches by removing the timber battens from the steel.

The bedroom wall lining is set back an inch from the remainder of the lining

The lining in the bedroom is now screwed directly to the steel.  The off-set joint is located at the point where the bedroom and bathroom partition will be installed.

The cross-over bed is now two inches longer

I had considered removing all the timber battens below the gunwale and claiming back an additional two inches in width throughout the boat.  However I couldn’t face the thought of cutting back all the spray foam!

Tomorrow the lower lining will be completed and a start will be made on the upper.  This will probably take longer as there are numerous holes to be cut for portholes, hatches, lights, etc.

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