Saturday, 7 April 2012


After breakfast this morning, Paul and Jeanette departed on nb Apache towing butty Cygnus.  They departed very quietly and Paul subsequently told me he thought we were asleep.  Incorrect; we were already awake and up.

They are the last couple to have wintered-over at Aldermaston Wharf, so we are now on our own waiting for Waiouru to be completed.  Once we realised they had gone I grabbed the camera and headed after them to say goodbye and take a couple of photos.

Yes…. That’s frost on the bank!

When I caught up with them two locks later Paul informed me they would be back in a week. Smile

Back at the yard I had my weekly project discussion with Andy.  The laminated ceiling panels and 1” thick plywood partitions are due sometime during the middle of next week.  The formica for the lining of the shower and toilet were ordered during the meeting and he has made a note to order the Lockgate diesel stove, Hurricane heater, fridge, oven and shower tray.  We have confirmed Waiouru is to have a pivot shower door rather than the suggested sliding door.  Time will tell whether it was the right decision!  Next week we will go to ‘Stone Circle’ in Newbury where we will look at both granite and slate.  The latter is for the diesel stove base and surrounds.

Richard also confirmed to me that he and James will start on the lining after the Easter break. 

Hopefully next week will see some tangible progress.

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