Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lining out is complete

James and Richard completed the lining out today when the last of the ceiling panels was installed.

James & Richard.  Taken with our Box Brownie (for those of you old enough to remember the camera!)

The rain deterred me from taking the expensive Canon camera to Waiouru.

We have opted for a large open plan saloon and galley. The saloon starts at the point where the two black cables protrude from the wall at the bottom right of the photo.  The galley ends at the step up to the back cabin.  This gives us a length of approximately 21ft; almost half the total available cabin space.

Just before lunch a lorry (got it right this time) arrived with the Latvian Birch veneered plywood for the partitions (1” thick) and the built in furniture (¾” thick).

Nick, the engineer, pointed out the calorfier in the boatyard storage room.  We had specified a large unit with two coils  (engine & Hurricane heater) plus an element for a 230v immersion heater should we ever be on shore power.  Andy and I had a brief discussion regarding the batteries for the starter motor and bow thruster.  At the end of the discussion Andy decided he would use three of the black batteries in the following photo.

The large red batteries are our domestic bank.

Tomorrow Richard, James and I will wipe down all the plywood interior of Waiouru and then give it one coat of polyurethane.

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