Thursday, 12 April 2012

Last of the Lining Below the Gunwale

Richard and James (the joiners) finished the final “tricky” portions of the wall lining below the gunwale. Then they made a start on lining the underside of the gunwale where the cable ducting will run.  Meantime, Andy (marina manager) informed us the laminated plywood for the ceiling and the 1” thick wall partition plywood should arrive tomorrow.  It’s possible the five sheets of formica will also be delivered.

Rather than working on Waiouru, Jan and I went to the industrial area in Newbury to look at carpet and granite.  Andy had recommended we look at “flotex” for the floor.  It’s very hard wearing and resistant to water.  Once we had examined it we have the impression is it’s the type of floor covering you’d find in a yacht.  Jan hasn’t made up her mind but is rather taken with the mid-blue colour.

After carpets we moved on to Stone Circle where we looked at the various granite options.  Wandering around the showroom Jan decided she liked the “Angola Blue” granite.

Yes, it has flecks of bright blue in it!

This was followed by a discussion with the salesperson.  I was surprised when we were informed the granite came as a 40mm thick worktop.  For some reason I was expecting the granite to be about 6mm thick and laminated onto a timber worktop.  The next task is to produce a 3D CAD drawing of both worktops to ensure both Andy and the granite supplier will know exactly what we want.  Probably a task to be done later this evening.

We were both rather hungry as we made our way back to the station to catch the train and made a very unwise decision to purchase some hot “take-away” food from one of those roadside static “burger vans”.  Major error…….  The burgers were awful!  Jan tried to eat hers but in the end threw it in the rubbish bin.  I ate mine….. But only because I have a “cast iron stomach”!  Lesson learned.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Flotex is very popular as a floor covering in care homes and the like as it's very hard wearing and can be scrubbed. The only problem with it is that it has a distinct "grain" so that it's slippier in one direction than the other.

As you probably know, I don't understand the present mania for granite worktops, but one piece of advice we've had from those who have them is to go for a dark colour; granite being slightly porous, a spilt glass of red wine on a pale surface can leave a stain forever.

Tom and Jan said...

These aren't my decisions so I'm not going there! :-)