Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Just my slant on the latest hot topic.

My neighbour has a well maintained car which he keeps in his secure garage.  He works in the city and as a result has little free time to have the pleasure of driving it.

We have the same make and model car.  Because of age and a lifestyle decision, we get to drive it every day.  Unlike him, we don't bother to lock it in a garage.  Instead, at the end of every day we find a vacant free parking space.

Of course both of us pay our annual vehicle tax, insure our vehicles and obey the road rules.

Recently my neighbour started complaining, saying because we don't keep our car in a garage we should pay more vehicle tax than him.

I don’t understand his logic!


Nb Duxllandyn said...

You have such a way with words Tom! If you ever decide to go into politics or stand for election .... CaRT, Prime Minister, Chair of the Wallaby Club........whatever, you can count on my vote! Your very straight take on the whole silly episode is very refreshing!
By the way, Waiouru looks to be coming on a treat . You and Jan must be dreaming about the finished article - do we need to buy the bottle of bubbly for the launch day yet?
I continue to follow your progress with interest and practise my knitting!
Keep smiling :-)

Gareth said...

You do pay more than him - in fuel duty.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Nice one, Tom! It's just not true what they say about Kiwis that move to Oz!


All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,
Hold on the bubbly.... There's a way to go yet :-)

We're both pleased to read you are practising your knitting. As you know; it's both a physical and mental challenge. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your latest effort!
Tom & Jan

Anonymous said...

A very good analogy Tom, but what do you do about the car that parks in the prime parking spot near the shops/pub and doesn't move?

This prevents those who hire cars using that spot to visit and spend their money. If the problem got too bad the hirer would see no sense in hiring and book holidays elsewhere and that money would be lost.

Most CCrs 'play the game' and I agree that they shouldn't pay extra, but if BW/CaRT don't do something about those who abuse the system then income from occasional users will be lost which will be to the detriment of all users Moorers; CCrs; Hirers; Shared boats; canal businesses Etc.


Tom and Jan said...

I hadn't thought of that!

We are drifting slightly off topic. I qualified my comment that we both observed the rules.
However, in my experience desirable parking locations have restrictions (time or payment, or both). You get a fine for failing to observe the rules. Moreover your car can get clamped or towed away. I don't think you'd have much success getting your vehicle back by telling the contractor who has your car that you can't afford to pay.
So with this scenario it become a matter of effective enforcement!