Friday, 20 April 2012

Interesting Boat

An interesting looking boat recently arrived at the wharf.  Jan had a discussion with to the young couple on board (almost everyone looks young these days) and was told by the owner, Tom (fine sounding name – did I mention it means courageous and handsome) they had only recently purchased her.

Tom (great name…..) told Jan that the boat was Dutch.  However the shape of the bow makes me think of a Chinese junk.

But the stern doesn’t look Chinese. Smile

Apparently the steering system on the boat had developed a fault just below Padworth Lock and this had forced them to stop for repairs.  The couple informed Jan they already owned a large Dutch barge and this boat is going to be fitted out as their workshop.


Ian said...

Hi Tom,
Boats like these really do add a lot of character to our waterways, so I'm glad they're around, but I'm not sure I'd ever fancy living on one. Those windows are just begging to be peered in!

This is probably a daft question, but does the skipper perch himself on that high-stool (by the doors) to steer? It's hard to judge the exact scale without any people in the photo, but that rear bulkhead looks high enough to make navigation a tad awkward.


P.S. Waiouru's looking great!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,

I can't answer your question as the boat was not moving when I saw it (steering broken) and I wasn't in the vicinity when it departed!

However I agree about it being an interesting shape.