Monday, 16 April 2012

Found it!

Well, actually it wasn’t lost!  After viewing a map of the local area onOrdnance Survey Leisure website I noticed a bridge across the M4 motorway north of our location.  The bridge appeared to be in the middle of nowhere.  I found this rather interesting.  So today I decided to walk to the bridge.
This is a screen dump of the planned and actual routes.  The purple line is the planned route and the green the actual.
I had previously covered the ground in the lower half of the map so there was nothing new in this area.  Towards Bradfield I came upon a golf course and then Bradfield College.  It appears to be a well establish institution.
To the right was the school cricket pavilion
The footpath around the school takes walkers through a small cluster of dwellings.
Interesting upper storey and roof line.
How would you like your own footbridge to the front door, like these three homes?
You may have noticed the planned and actual routes diverge at the top of the map.  I was looking for the footpath that would take me to the bridge and ended up going cross country.  It was forest, but reasonably open under the canopy.  At this time of year the brambles and stinging nettles aren’t high enough to cause any major issues.  However I couldn’t find the bridge!
Eventually I came upon a coil of discarded steel rope and thought it might be the remains of a suspension bridge.  This would explain my inability to find the bridge shown on the map.
After looking at the gps unit I decided to press on, trusting its accuracy.  Five minutes later I stepped from the undergrowth onto a well defined trail.  And immediately to my right was……
It appears to be a farm bridge and primarily used to move livestock across the M4.  Oh…..  just to prove it was the M4.
By the time I returned to Molly it was 12:30 and I was feeling rather dehydrated. Next week I must remember to take water with me.  The length of the walk was just under 24km. 
Jan had been making homemade pizza in my absence….. Delicious! Smile
We have deliberately run Molly’s water tank dry to get an idea of capacity.  It ran dry after 8 days of use with us making no attempt to conserve water.  We will need to do the same on Waiouru once we’re living aboard. 
Back to boat building tomorrow

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