Friday, 20 April 2012

First Trip in Waiouru

Today we experienced Melbourne weather.  Sunny, overcast, rain, hail, rain, overcast, sunny!  It was also my first trip in Waiouru.  Not at the tiller and we didn’t leave the yard.

Yesterday Waiouru looked like this…….

And now she looks like this…….

The rain meant we couldn’t open the hatches and as a consequence the fumes from the polyurethane were almost overpowering. 

Man… Far Out…..  Weez….. I really dig that stuff…..!  We all took a little trip! Winking smile

Late yesterday I carefully vacuumed out the boat and this morning Richard and I wiped down all the walls with some special cloths he provided.  The cloths collected all the fine sawdust on the plywood leaving a smooth surface.  The three of us then applied one coat of polyurethane to all the oak lining.

The polyurethane has really brought out the grain and the special care Richard took to match the sheets is now very evident.

He has also cut and positioned the sheets to maximise the number of joins that will be concealed behind partitions or cabinets.

We are now waiting on the engineer to undertake the first fit for the plumbing, gas and electrics.

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