Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A few deliveries

Well there appeared to be a significant increase in the number of delivery vans arriving at the boatyard today.  We now have a bow thruster, Hurricane heater and Candy washer/dryer.  Andy looked at the Hurricane and whilst sucked air through his teeth muttered “£2500”.  It would have been considerably cheaper to fit an Eberspacher or Webasto, but they are not designed to operate 24/7.

The van delivering our washer/dryer from Comet was only on site for a very brief period.  They must have been at the yard for less than three minutes before heading to their next delivery.  We ordered and paid for the machine back in March, so I guess it’s been a long trip from the factory in Mongolia.
After removing the plastic wrapping I now realise the control panel is more complex than the one on Starship Enterprise.  Fortunately I won’t need to learn how to use it!
Andy has made a start on the connections for the diesel stove, gas line and water pipes.  Meanwhile I unsucessfully wrestled with the toilet waste pipe.  It’s 1½” diameter flexible hose which has been coiled in the cold storeroom.  As a consequence it doesn’t want to uncoil and I find myself wrestling with an aggressive 40ft python.  Some warmth and sunlight would assist in making it more flexible!
Hot and cold pipes are now installed for the shower and toilet on one side.  The cold pipe for the vanity and galley hand basin is fitted on the other side.  Andy has also run the copper pipe for the diesel stove in the saloon.
The diesel and water supply connections are behind the front bulkhead on the port side.  Top left is the isolation valve and copper feed to the Refleks diesel stove in the saloon. Top right is the diesel tank drain valve which has a brass bung in the outlet to prevent a spill should the valve be accidentally opened. Below it is the water tank outlet valve which will go to the water pump.
Yesterday’s blog post resulted in a few unforseen omissions.  Not all the data transferred across from Google Reader and then I misspelt Sheila’s name (fingers going faster than the brain).  Ian subsequently sent me an email with some advice on how to get the “&” to appear in the blog roll.  For those who don’t already know use “&amp” (no quotation marks) and “&” will appear in the name.  Thanks Ian.


Ian said...

Hi Tom,

No probs. Glad it worked! For those who want to try it, please note there is a semi-colon at the end of the &amp


Tom and Jan said...

That's interesting. I didn't include the semi-colon and it still worked?


Ian said...

I'm truly stumped, Tom! Only ever seen it used with a semi-colon - but hey if it works, it works! :-)