Monday, 23 April 2012

Damned Blogger

<Grrrrrr> Damned Blogger program.  I want to rename the blogs in our Blog List.  There is an option in Blogger to allow this, but it doesn’t work!  What’s particularly annoying is the function USED TO WORK.  The following is an example”


I’ve added the names of the owners using the “rename” option.  But the “Save” button doesn’t work. 

Why rename the blogs on our Blog List?  Well some of us get forgetful as we age and I thought it would be a good way of constantly reminding myself of fellow narrowboat bloggers names.  There is this nagging thought that one day I will pass a boat whose name I recognise and when the owners call out a greeting I’m going to embarrass myself by not remembering their names.   

Meanwhile, recently one swan has taken to appearing at the galley window every morning.  Apparently one of us has been feeding him.  It started with the stale bread before progressing to fresh.  Yesterday there was a dramatic change when he was fed some of MY custard cream biscuits.  Damned swan is happy to talk to Jan however I get hissed at!  Someone should tell him he’s paddling in dangerous waters as I have an acquired taste for swan.  That way I’d know I am getting back MY custard creams!

<later>……   (tap tap tap at the window

He’s back!   That greedy swan has returned in the afternoon for more of my custard cream biscuits.  IT’S NOT MORNING YOU LONG NECKED POTENTIAL SUNDAY ROAST!

7am…… woken by…… tap  tap tap.  Who started feeding this bl**dy bird!!!!!  At least I managed to eat the last of the custard creams last night!


Adam said...

Yes, I haven't been able to get the rename feature to work for the past few weeks. I used the 'send feedback' button at the bottom right of the layout screen to tell them about it. I imagine that if lots of people tell them, it might encourage them to do something about it.

Tom and Jan said...

I'd previously checked Google Groups and the bug has been reported by numerous uses back as far as 14 March link here

David said...


Don't worry about remembering names - just call everybody me duck - it works for me.

Erm, who am I again.

Sue said...


Try using another browser. I can't remember which way round it is right now but I have IE and Firefox. It works OK in one but not the other!


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue,
I've unsuccessfully tried it with Firefox and Chrome. However I shall look for IE on my pc (usually I have nothing to do with IE!)


Tom and Jan said...

Just tried using IE and that doesn't work either. I'm therefore fairly certain it's a recent "bug" in blogger!

Jim said...

Yes, it's bloody annoying. I got so frustrated I ended up accidentally deleting my entire blogroll!
Jim (Starcross)

Chris Hills said...

Last year my sister-in-law, unknown to me, decided to feed the marina ducks by scattering digestive biscuits on TM's cruiser stern. I returned the following weekend to find the stern covered in duck poo!!

Ian said...

Tom, I wouldn't be surprised if the "swan feeder" (whoever that is!) starts buying an extra pack of custard creams for your fine feathered friend. :-)


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

I did that once, renamed a load of links to improve the list layout. I found it would change names back at random - it was tied in with the blogger Dashboard. I found that if I was a follower - the names would change back. Now I just ignore it!


Tom and Jan said...


You're not improving my confidence :-)