Tuesday, 3 April 2012

And now the wall lining

Not much time was devoted to Waiouru today.  A final can of spray foam to fill in all the small holes and crevices, followed by the sealing of the last five sheets of wall lining plywood.   After leaving the foam for 90 minutes I cut it back using the Leatherman and gave the floor another sweep.  Waiouru now awaits the installation of the wall lining.
Tomorrow’s weather forecast is rain, so I decided to go for an 18km walk in the afternoon.  A mixture of old and new footpaths to the NW of Aldermaston Wharf. 
The bridlepath took me north to the Six Bells Pub and from there I headed NW.
The Six Bells
Eventually the route took me to some woodlands behind Thatcham where I came upon this row of thatched cottages on the opposite side of a hedge.  The photo was taken by holding the camera at arms length above my head and guessing the lens was pointing in the right direction.
The footpath on the return leg took me right through St Peters churchyard.
I always find it somewhat poignant looking at the ages on the headstones.  It makes me more determined to fully live every available moment.
The rolling countryside in the area is covered with moderately sized farmhouses and a took a photo of one to ensure I’d have a record for future recollection.
Back at Molly there was an email from Pam in the inbox.  She had read my profile and was looking for a partner. Was I interested?  Pam writes she is 28 and lives in the USA.  She is looking for someone who has strength of character, physically attractive and can talk for hours about nothing!  Jan tells me I only met the last criteria.
However I note Jan was the one who deleted the email! Smile

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