Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What a Change

Now the boat beside Waiouru has been moved we have finally been able to see her minus the graffiti.

From this

To this

The timber for the wall lining arrived early this morning and is now in the workshop waiting on the joiners to complete the last of nb Cats Whiskers.  Hopefully they will make a start on Waiouru before the end of the week.  Andy confirmed the laminated ceiling panels are on order and due shortly.  Jan has chosen “off-white” as the colour.  Her thoughts are that having a laminated ceiling will make it easier to keep clean.

This morning we both noticed the frost on Waiouru’s roof.  The two adjacent boats didn’t have any frost on their rooves which has me wondering…… WHY?  Is the insulation in Waiouru better; or was the interior colder?  I guess time will tell!


nick holt said...

Tom - W. is looking stunning, what a transformation! Great work to get her progressed so far... and a fascinating read as you blog the progress made. I wasn't able to see our boat 'Eileen' half as often as I would have liked over the Winter period when so much critical work was being done on her - I can't wait to begin the process of moving her towards her new home mooring, which lies just over an hour from our home in London. Here's to renovation and the adventures ahead!

best wishes


Gareth said...

Lovely to see the improvement!

Steve said...

Hi Tom,
What a difference! A much better looking paint job this time! You have made such progress after that dreadful start. Wish you well with the build,can't wait to see Waiouru finished, she gonna look fantastic.


Ian said...

Hi Tom,

I'm unsure as to whether a frosty roof on Waiouru means that it's better insulated than the other boats, but I'd definitely take it as a good sign if it were my boat! And it's hard to imagine a better insulated boat than Waiouru!

Will you be sticking to your original colour scheme (pre-vandalism, of course!) or going with something different?


Tom and Jan said...

Jan is the one with the colour sense coordination skills. She has been doing a considerable amount of thinking regarding the colour scheme. It definitely will not be blue or green and the main colour won't be red.