Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Walk to Wasing Estate

A pleasant 18km walk to Wasing Estate south-west of Aldermaston Wharf.  I planned the route using the information from the Ordnance Survey website and downloaded it to our Garmin gps.  Most of the route avoided the roads as it is much more enjoyable walking the public footpaths.

The first stage of the journey was to Aldermaston Village via the salmon farm.  It was the first time I’d walked though the village and I immediately noticed the local pub.

The Hinds Head

The menu looked interesting, although the main courses were about £10 each.  Still, if the food is tasty then it’s probably value for money.

The main objective for the day was to reach Wasing Estate.  It covers approximately 4000 acres and includes some woodland.  I particularly wanted to walk in the wood.  Somehow I managed to miss a footpath and found myself in a private part of the estate.  Not wanting to trespass I focussed my efforts on finding a public footpath to extricate myself.  Suddenly I could see a distinguished looking fellow walking ahead of me.  Eventually I caught up and realised he was me.  I’d gotten lost I had become distracted by my trespass concerns and erred in my judgement.  Consequentially I’d walked in a circle!   You can see the loop in the bottom left of the gps screen dump below.

After some ‘bush-bashing’ I was back on the footpath and heading towards the main estate buildings.

The London publisher John Mount purchased the estate in 1759 and by 1770 he had built the mansion, Wasing Place.  It is now used for functions and events.

The estate has it’s own church

St Nicholas' Church

And a driveway almost as long as an Australia outback cattle ranch….Smile

Some good views could be obtained of the Kennet valley from the edge of the wood.

The day finished with an ice cream from the chandlery followed by a cleansing lager!

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