Thursday, 15 March 2012

Slabs Arrived

The truck (oops) lorry delivering the concrete slabs for the ballast arrived at lunch time.  There were 15 and with my ‘gammy’ back I didn’t attempt to carry them to Waiouru.  Cunning sometimes accompanies age and I used the boatyard sack trolley to move them.  Rather than lift them, I swivelled each one on a corner “walking” it on and off the sack truck.  Even then, I’d broken into a sweat by the time they had all been moved to the boat.

Richard will lift, carry, and place them tomorrow.  I’ll then fit the last of the insulation and we can start laying the floor.

This morning I was in the workshop nice and early.  No one was around and I’m sad to report my obsessive - compulsive disorder kicked in.  I just had to sweep the bench and floor before emptying the rubbish bins into the skip.  I don’t really understand why I did this as I’ve already swept Waiouru more than enough times!

Richard and James arrived to continue manufacturing the English Oak front stable doors for nb Cats Whiskers.  The project is of particular interest as Waiouru will have similar front cabin doors to the cratch.  They are both very fastidious tradesmen and we are really looking forward to watching them complete the joinery on Waiouru.

The top doors on Cats Whiskers have a glass window with an arch top and bottom.

(L-R) Richard & James.

You can see the detail of the arch in the following photo.

Richard had been making templates to ensure all the timber joints were perfect.  The lower doors had already been assembled and were in the sash clamps whilst the glue set.

The small rectangular gaps in each door is for ventilation and will be covered by a grill.

As you can see there is a considerable amount of attention to detail.

My last comment to Richard was “I’m pleased you’re making these now; they will be a rehearsal for the doors on Waiouru!”


David said...

Hi Tom

Smart! But I bet they're not using expansion foam like a proper builder - Arf arf.
Seroiusly though I would be interested to know what glue they prefer.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi David,

I don't believe they have ever considered the use of expansion foam as glue. I must mention it and see if they think it's a good idea :-)

They used a PVA glue but I'm not sure whether it was waterproof. I suspect not, but will ask tomorrow!