Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Restful Day

The smooth, sensual feeling of latex caressing my skin.  Jan stared wide eyed with excitement.  I was about to make her day……… By donning the washing up rubber gloves and doing the breakfast dishes……. Hah fooled you!

Not much more can be done on Waiouru until either the coaxial cable or timber laminate and lining ply is delivered.  Consequentially we have had a quiet day soaking up the spring sunshine.  No boats can head west of Aldermaston Wharf because an electrical fault late yesterday cut the power to the Aldermaston lift bridge.  I’m somewhat surprised the two trapped groups of hire boaters were not grumbling.  I would if I’d paid to hire and boat and couldn’t leave the base.

Meanwhile Jeanette and Paul were working tirelessly on their butty Cygnus, in an effort to complete as many jobs as possible before she gets lifted back into the water next week.

Jeanette has been making a very good job of painting the head of the rudder and tiller.

Paul has been splicing cordage for the hold covers.

Back in the workshop it was possible to see the fancy woodwork Richard and James have been producing for the doors on nb Cats Whiskers.

This next photo is a close up of the detail.

Richard explained the most difficult part of the job was creating the jig for the router.  However the last of the design was cut by hand with a sharp chisel.  I’ve suggested he doesn’t lose the jig as we may want something similar on Waiouru.

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