Saturday, 3 March 2012

Porthole Frames Completed

The last sheet of ordered plywood arrived which enabled me to mark and cut out the final (3rd) layer of circular porthole frames with the jigsaw.  These were then screwed in place completing the porthole framing.  Some of my jigsaw cutting isn’t that accurate.  The outside edge will be concealed by the lining and isn’t important.  However the inside edge needs to be accurate to allow the porthole and liner to fit snuggly.  Richard (the joiner) advised me, if necessary he will run his router around the inside edge of the frame.

All the timber for the floor battens has now been stacked inside Waiouru ready for tomorrow.  It’s 4”x1” tanalised pine.  Richard wants four longitudinally timber battens with short cross battens between them.  The battens are to be screwed to the steel joists using wood screws.  Consequentially, each screw hole will have to be pre-drilled through the top of the steel joist.  The idea is to finish with a batten matrix of 2ftx2ft squares.

Originally the battens consisted of 4”x2” pine so we have gained an extra inch of internal headroom by using a one inch batten.  Another advantage is this time we will be using tanalised pine, which is more rot resistant.

Once the floor battens are installed the timber supports for the underfloor insulation panels (1” Kingspan) will be screwed in place.  The aim it to complete as much of this as possible tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Waxoyl has started to go off but I suspect it will always be slightly sticky.  Which I presume is what is supposed to happen?

On a final note……..

Happy Birthday “Young Bill”.  Despite claiming you’re older than us….. You’re not!

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Davidss said...

"Yesterday’s Waxoyl has started to go off but I suspect it will always be slightly sticky. Which I presume is what is supposed to happen?".

Yes. It may develop a 'skin', although less likely in your 'protected' situation (as opposed to and external surface, dried by wind movement). However, any skin will be very fragile.

I can only imagine 'someone' will become very skilled at walking and kneeling on the steel bearers while the wood is put in place.

If this is going to be you I STRONGLY suggest some knee pads, the sort that strap round your leg.

Good Luck.