Sunday, 11 March 2012

Paul’s Butty

Next door to Waiouru, Paul has been beavering away on his newly purchased butty, Cygnus.  The surveyor has identified a few things which need remedial action and Paul has been doing the dirty preparatory work for the welder. He’s also been doing a considerable amount of work on the tiller.

The blacking has been removed from the rudder allowing the timber to dry out. There is also a split in the vertical timber piece nearest to the stern post.  You may be able to see the horizontal steel strengthening plate above the orange tie-down strap in the photo.

Paul has removed the these plates from either side of the rudder and carefully manufactured replacement sections.

I was impressed with his effort in manufacturing a more “fancy” section of steel using his electric jigsaw.  They are very thick sections of plate steel and it would have taken a considerable amount of time to manufacture each piece.

When I get tired of working it’s nice to watch someone else! Smile

Today Richard, the joiner, confirmed a start will be made laying the floor on Monday.  I also asked Nick, the engineer, how long it will take to complete the first fit electrics (ie, run all the wires).  He informs me it will take him one day.  So we might have the wiring in by the end of next week.

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