Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More Damned Spray Foam and Starting the Mark Out

Just when I thought the last of the cutting back of the spray foam had been completed I realised a channel needed to be cut the full length of the boat either side where the tumblehome meets the roof.  This channel will be used as a 12v cable duct. 

It was another of those dirty jobs above shoulder height with copious quantities of spray foam dust falling onto my face.  Hopefully it’s the last spray foam I’ll have to cut back!

Immediately after lunch I drew a pencil line down the centre of the floor.  The was achieved by finding the centre of the front and rear cabin doors and then dropping a line so the centre could be marked on the floor. The centre line down the length of the boat was then illuminated using a laser line.  By placing a small block of wood on the floor in front of the beam it was possible to draw a series of pencil marks on the plywood floor.  These marks were then joined using a straight edge.  This centre line becomes the main datum line (reference line) for marking out the boat.

Later in the afternoon Andy, Richard & James made a start on making the boat layout on the floor.  By the end of the day all the partitions and major components had been drawn on the floor. 

Comet had replied to my query about the depth of the Candy washer/dryer we have ordered.  It stated 44cm on their website, however I’d seen 52cm on another site.  They have confirmed it is 44cm and it will therefore fit in the back cabin.  Originally we had planned to fit the Engel fridge/freezer under the bed in the back cabin.  However the full width blackwater tank under the floor means there is now not enough room.  As an alternative, it will probably be possible to fit it on top of the Candy washer/dryer (with some “jiggling around”).

Andy has come up with another idea for the size and location of the electrical and instrument cabinet.  It had been my intention to have it mounted high inside the back cabin on the starboard side.  He has suggested the Beta Marine panel be mounted in the cockpit on the port bulkhead.  All the other gauges can be located inside the cabin on the opposite side of the bulkhead.  The inverter/charger can go under the bed.

The plan is to complete the marking out of the boat tomorrow and make a start on the wiring the following day (Wednesday). 


Ian said...

Hi Tom,

I feel kind of cheated when your update doesn't include photos! :-)

If memory serves, the end of May was the estimated build finish. Is this still the case? She seems to be coming along in leaps and bounds!

Will you be adding any extra crew (cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs, brown tree snakes, etc.) once Waiouru is complete?


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,

Sorry about the lack of photos. I became engrossed in assisting (interfering) with the marking out of Waiouru and we finished quite late.

We haven't been given a new completion date so it's currently still the end of May.

As for the extra crew..... No cats, snakes, rodents, spiders or flies need apply.

I'll go to Waiouru early and take a few photos for today's update :-)