Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Yesterday I mentioned cutting back the spray foam to create a cable duct.  The new duct isn’t that obvious in the photo below, but there is actually a 2” wide x 1” deep channel to the right of the timber batten.

In a few places the timber batten has “popped” away from the steel roof batten so I’ve removed these sections and cut back the foam underneath so they will fit correctly.

The plan is to refit the sections of batten tomorrow.

Not all the floor has been marked out.  It was almost impossible to see the pencil lines in the photo so I’ve overlaid them using red lines.

Bathroom and main bedroom

Starting on the left; the first rectangle is the toilet and the second is a 900x720mm shower.  The bedroom has a 5ft cross over bed with a 1ft wide lowboy either side.  At the end of the cabin are two x 18” deep wardrobes either side of the door.

On the right side is the bathroom cabinet, towel rail and corner vanity.  There is a full length footlocker in the bedroom.

I spent most of the morning working out and marking the location of the ceiling and wall lights.

There are nine ceiling lights in the saloon and seven in the galley.  Four each in the bathroom and bedroom.  The bedroom also has two wall lights, There is one wall light in the bathroom above the hand basin and a further four wall lights in the saloon.

Late this afternoon I made a start on cutting back the spray foam on the ceiling for the first of the four runs of 20mm flexible conduit. The longest one runs from the satellite dome mounting on the roof to the control unit which will be in the display cabinet.  A second length goes from the display cabinet to the TV cabinet.  The third length will run from the proposed future solar panel mounting point to the channel I’ve cut down the length of the boat on the ceiling.  The last length runs between the mobile phone aerial mount on the roof and the ceiling channel.  Once they are all glued in place I’ll run some ‘draw cables’ inside them.  We have already purchased three weatherproof terminal caps for the roof ends of the conduit.

Tomorrow should see the end of the marking out.

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