Monday, 12 March 2012

Make and Mend Day

I believe that is the nautical term for a quiet day spent fixing things.

Jan did the laundry using the big washer and dryer in the boatyard before heading to Tesco at Newbury with Julie.  We have been quite luck with the generosity of the fellow boaters who have offered to take one of us with them when they are taking their vehicle to shops.  For my lunch, Jan left the remains of the bread she baked yesterday.  In the meantime I attempted to clear the partial blockage in the hand basin.  After dismantling the bowl end of the system I discovered the problem appears to be at the discharge point through the hull.  Unfortunately this is on the side opposite to the wharf which means I can’t reach it without turning Molly.  It’s not a critical issue so it can wait until next weekend when we will need to move her to do a pumpout.

Andy had drawn the short straw and was working Sunday.  We had a good discussion about the plan for completing the first fit wiring.  He confirmed all the cable was available and we discussed the need to finalise the wiring for the canbus system.  In particular, matching the consumers to the nodes.  Wiring to the bow and stern nodes won’t be an issue as they are both located in the base of a full height locker.  Wiring to the node in the galley will be the critical issue because it will be very difficult to run additional cables after the wall lining has been installed.  

The washing machine was also discussed.  We may need to install it very early in the build otherwise it may not fit through the doors.  After a considerable amount of discussion we have decided on a Candy G04W464 washer/dryer.  Comet are selling them for £350, with free delivery.  Dimensions are 850x600x440(H/W/D)mm.  It also has a cold wash capability which will reduce our energy consumption.   The spin speed is 1400 rpm which is better than some similar brands at 1200 rpm.  There is a more expensive model at 1600 rpm, however the machine dimensions are too large for the cabin.  After measuring the dimensions of the back cabin I think the G04W464 will fit against the starboard side above the blackwater tank.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

You need to change something if the washing machine can't be moved in or out after the build. What hapeens when it goes wrong and needs replacing under warranty or at the end of its life.

You might not mind canabalising an old machine to get it out but you need to get a similar sized replacement in.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,

If it will fit in the back cabin then I'm sure it will fit through the exterior rear doors. However there might be more of a problem if it has to go in the galley. Fortunately, at 440mm the Candy isn't that deep (provided the specifications are correct)



blipper said...

Hi came across your site when googling this machine. I live in an attic with narrow hallway which is why Im interested. Before buying, tho, Im going to check the dimensions as Appliances Online do a video review stating the depth is 52 cm. Im posting a question on their site which they should answer within 3 days, so you can see yourself.
Hoover also do 44 mm machine, but gets worse review than the Candy model in Which

Tom and Jan said...

I suspect the dimensions on the Comet website (44cm) are incorrect as the User Manual states 52cm along with most other sites. I'm not sure of the Hoover is a washer/dryer or just a washer

blipper said...

hello again

definitely the candy site/manual shows 44cm

the hoover is a washer/dryer -model wdyns654-80 £400. I measured it at Currys-the actual depth including curved front is 52cm;however to get thru a space can remove door which takes down to 49 cm

Its worth paying a quid to look at reviews on Which- Candy gets better than Hoover

Tom and Jan said...

Well that's interesting! If the Candy is 44cm then it will fit. However the manual I downloaded from the Candy website states in the technical section

Width 60cm
Depth 52cm
Height 85cm

It's also interesting that the Hoover is advertised at 44cm but you've measured it at 52cm.