Saturday, 17 March 2012

Flora & Fauna

Jan went off for a walk through the local woodlands to the salmon farm.  One of the swans in the wetland was rather aggressive, which is a sign spring in near.  She also came across these.

Our book of UK flora is packed somewhere, so Jan has made a guess that there are Primula.  This morning she looked out the galley window to see a small deer on the opposite bank.  Unfortunately by the time Jan had grabbed the camera it had disappeared.

Back on eldest son’s property near Coffs Harbour, NSW there was no quacking from the ducks; no bleating from the sheep; and the pet daschund quivered under the bed.  They had a visitor on the pergola trellis fence.

Photo courtesy of Steve’s Facebook

Not a python!  It’s a Brown Tree Snake.  Not to be confused with the Eastern Brown Snake.  The Brown Tree Snake is poisonous but because the fangs that carry the poison are at the back of their mouth they have difficulty injecting sufficient toxin into a human.  So they are not deadly (just scary!).  They mostly feed on birds and small rodents.  However the venom from the Brown Snake is highly toxic making it the second most deadly snake in the world; and it can be very aggressive!


Steve Jones said...

it was 2 metres long - so at the biggest spectrum

Tom and Jan said...

Got you tape out... did you? Or was it measured after being relocated?