Monday, 5 March 2012

Floor battens Completed

Last night the gas bottle ran out whilst Jan was in the middle of baking me an apple sponge pudding! Why does the gas bottle always empty at night….. Usually when it’s raining? As a consequence the sponge collapsed in the middle. Not that this will deter me from eating every last morsel. I was raised on my mother’s regularly failing puddings and other raw or burned offering. Actually I suspect she deliberately produced failures as part of her strategy to prepare me for army food!

Sometimes I smile at the irony of marrying a fantastic cook who can produce a magnificent meal from limited ingredients. AND then to her horror, I drown it in tomato sauce before swallowing it in such haste that the food scarcely touches the sides on the way down!

We woke the rain which turned to snow around midday.  However the ground was too wet and warm for it to settle.

As for Waiouru.  In the morning the floor battens were screwed down and there are two drill bits left from the original 10.  This afternoon I cut fillets of timber and screwed them to the underside of the longitudinal battens adjacent to the side of the hull.  They will provide support for the Kingspan.  The cavity either side of the blackwater tank was also battened to support the Kingspan in that area.  Some of the spray foam on the side of the hull just above the baseplate needs to be removed so the Kingspan can snuggly fit into the cavity.  I made an unsuccessful attempt to remove it using a paint scraper.  The job would have taken days using this method so I’ve had another think and decided to try removing it tomorrow using a razor knife and an old wood chisel. 

Once this is done the baseplate can be given a final vacuum before installing the sheets of Kingspan.

At least I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Smile

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