Monday, 26 March 2012

Car Rental


I just happened to notice something interesting whilst looking online to hire a car from Enterprise Car Rentals.

After finding the local depot (Newbury, Berks) on the Enterprise website and entered the proposed hire dates the website quoted £53.47 for the weekend.  This seemed considerably more than the price we had previously paid when renting from their Crewe depot in Cheshire.  So I entered the same dates but used Crewe as the pick-up location.  This time the price was £31.97.  Renting from Newbury cost 40% more.  Next I changed the pick-up location to Reading, and again the price was 40% more than Crewe.

I assume the increase in price is because we are further south and nearer London.  If this is the case then I will be suggesting to relatives and friends arriving from overseas that they should consider entering the UK via a more northern airport and hiring a vehicle in that location.  A 40% saving on one months car rental would be well worth the effort!

Meanwhile, I’ve been checking Google Analytics to establish whether there is any new reader traffic for my ramblings.  If I can identify other boaters blogs I like to add their blog to our own list.  I’ve also gone back to toying with the idea of transferring from Blogger to Wordpress.  More reading required!


Gareth said...

I used Wordpress for years, but switched to Blogger in a moment when I discovered how much more reliable their mobile Apps are.

All the photos & updates to are made with an iPhone.

Tom and Jan said...

I suspect I'll dabble with Wordpress more from curiosity than anything else!

Boatwif said...

Hi, I've been a regular reader of your blog since coming across your story last summer. Can visualise Aldermaston Wharf only too well, since we moored at Frouds Bridge for about 10 years. Now we're on the Macc. We still have cause to be land-based but jump aboard nb Cleddau whenever we can...River Weaver next! our blog.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the link to your blog. I found your last post rather interesting. Unfortunately I don't think we will be around when the "missing link" opens.