Thursday, 22 March 2012

Busy Day

Well it was a rather busy day; but when you look at Waiouru you wouldn’t believe it!

The flexible conduit was cut to length and channels cut through the spray foam using Richard’s oscillating portable saw.  Then I made a start on gluing the conduit sections into the channels.

The long run down the ceiling wouldn’t be required if the satellite dome mount on the roof had been welded in the correct position. But it isn’t.  No good crying about it.  The issue had to be resolved.

Most of the day was spent with Andy checking yesterday’s marking out of the layout on the floor and remarking/adjusting the lines.  They were then overdrawn in felt tip pen.  He also added more detail, such as the swing of the doors, location of drawers, etc.

Bathroom & Bedroom

The isle through the boat is now marked and I’m rather pleased we have a reasonably straight corridor through Waiouru and (importantly for me) it’s not against the side where the Tumblehome (slope on the side of the boat) tends to restrict movement at shoulder level.

We spent a significant amount of time ensuring the galley space was maximised.  The fridge/oven/microwave cabinet was double checked to make sure Jan’s wall oven will fit.  I hope she will be pleased with the number of below bench cupboards.  In addition to the pull out pantry there are five 500mm and one 400mm cupboards.  Jan will now need to decide how many of them will be drawers rather than cupboards.  There will also be shallow drawers on rollers behind the kickboards.

The rear cabin has proven to be rather problematic.  I want to locate the washer dryer as far as possible towards the stern bulkhead.  Whilst we have the washer/dryer dimensions I’m not convinced they include the water inlet and drain connections.  After some discussion; Andy, Richard and I agreed we will leave the final mark-up of the rear cabin until the washer/dryer arrives next month.

Tomorrow’s plan is to complete the installation of the flexible conduit and make a start fitting all the wiring going above the gunwale.

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