Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back to Newbury

And it won’t be the last time!  It was raining when we left Aldermaston Wharf, however by the time the train reached Newbury the rain had departed leaving a grey sky.  The first task was to go to B&Q (Bunnings Oz or Placemakers NZ equivalent) where we each handed over our completed application form for an “over 60’s” discount card.  From now on all B&Q purchases will be made on a Wednesday where we will receive a 10% discount. 

We took the opportunity to walk around the store and get some ideas on fittings for Waiouru. Jan rather liked these cupboard door handles.

We have already decided we are NOT having “button” style door knobs.  Ufton had them and we were constantly catching pockets and belt loops whilst walking past. After some discussion we’re now considering having no handles.  Instead we might ask for the lip of the door to be rebated as a finger grip.  Jan had something similar to this on her kitchen cupboard doors in NZ.

In the bathroom section we looked at taps.  Space on Waiouru will be restricted so we have decided the sink and hand basin taps should be of the “mixer” type with a single tap and a high outlet that can be turned to the side.  The following photo isn’t very good as it was a quick snap with the mobile phone, but it provides and idea of what we are considering.

Dunelm Mill was opposite B&Q so we walked across to look for a duvet cover.  Nothing of interest caught Jan’s eye!  We then took the towpath into the town centre via Greenham Lock.

Another mobile phone photo

Jan got her weekly fix (woman’s magazines) whilst I had a close encounter with the barber.  I’ll probably see him again in three months.  Next stop was window shopping at a dental surgery.  I always attempt to treat myself to an annual dental check on my birthday and I’m now three months overdue!  Why on my birthday?  The twisted and sick people running the NZ Army scheduled your annual dental check using your birthday and after 24 years of it I couldn’t shake the habit.  Back in Oz I could usually render the receptionist speechless by phoning up and saying “Hi, it’s my birthday in a fortnight and I’d like to treat myself to an appointment with the dentist!”  Unfortunately I’m reasonably certain I have a small cavity requiring attention.  Jan has already filled me with dread by mentioning she had read online the cost will be approximately £300.

There was just enough time to nip into Sainsburys and purchase some essential supplies before catching the train back to Molly.


julia said...

Guess you are entitled to use the NHS, if so a filling (and scale and polish if needed) will cost you no more than £47 (before 1/4/12). NHS Choices website will give you the names of dentists in your area.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Julia,

Another piece of useful information. And, Yes we are entitled to use the NHS.

Steve Jones said...

Save the money and give Mum the greatest pleasure ever. Give her a pair of pilers to remove the tooth!cla

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hi again
Now you really are at the exciting bit - buying fixtures and fittings.
Have you looked at Ikea? Some will say their stuff is lightweight rubbish but we found some very nice cost effective handles and very efficient and good value taps when we were refitting our kitchen and laundry at home. The very expensive tap that we got from B&Q (£150+) drips in spite of much attention whereas the very reasonable Ikea (-£40) has worked well from day 1. It costs nothing to look and I'm pretty sure you can view Ikea's catalogue online. Visiting the store can be an excruciating business so best to check stock availability before making a visit. Many plenty pennies can be saved though!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,

Yes, the build is starting to get more interesting. I'll take up your suggestion and have a look at Ikea. Marking up of the floor should be completed tomorrow.