Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another Crane Day

Two boats out, one in; and one moved to a new site in the yard ready for painting.  However before any lifts occurred the mobile crane operator had to change the pulley block.

The single pulley block was changed to a double.

Once the crane was prepared the first lift took place from the water to a truck lorry (I’ll get it right one day).

Slings underneath and then adjusted to ensure the boat is balanced when lifted from the water.  It would be most unfortunate if the boat were out of balance and slipped from the slings.

Just right!

A 90° turn to the right and it’s on the lorry.

As the lorry departed the boatyard for Birmingham the crane manoeuvred to lift Paul’s butty, Cygnus into the water.   This was the most technically challenging lift of the day.

Since its arrival at the boatyard Paul had removed some of the weight from inside Cygnus, but also added weight

Got it right the first time.

A snug fit into the available gap beside the wharf

Then the last two lifts took place.  The boat beside Waiouru has now been moved, and for the first time in many months we have a clear view of her port side. 

I must take a photo of Waiouru tomorrow morning when the sun is in the right position.  Meantime,  I’m working on a little project using some of the steel deck cut out of Waiouru last December.


Alf said...

Re your "truck/lorry" coment, dont worry, if you come up north, they are "Waggons" just to confuse you !
Also, fork lift trucks are "stacker trucks" !!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alf,

I'm not sure if this comforts me! In NZ & Oz wagons run on trains. Unless they are in the USA where they are trucks :-)