Sunday, 26 February 2012

What a Blast

Doug returned to clean off our first attempt at blacking Waiouru.  This time the grit was white rather than the usual black!

I just hope all this grit blasting hasn’t worn holes in Waiouru! Smile

Jan and I then repeated our earlier painting performance and managed to get one coat of two pack blacking onto the bare steel before it was dark.  Only two more coats to go! Sad smile

We were both rather ‘bushed’ after spending most of the day either kneeling, squatting or bent over.  The evening was spent removing the black freckles from our faces.

Blacking seemed to be in fashion as Paul also blacked the lower half of Cygnus.

Now we must wait on the spray foam contractor’s arrival tomorrow.


Ian said...

Good luck with the spray foamers tomorrow - I know you've had to be patient. Hopefully it's full-steam ahead from now on!

I do like the look of your Houdini hatches. Is there a way of securely setting them slightly ajar, when you're away from the boat?


P.S. Sorry if that's a daft question. :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,

Actually that's a very good question and I must admit I haven't looked at the Houdini hatches to see if the function exists. I'll look for it when the get installed which I hope will be very soon.