Saturday, 18 February 2012

Three Valleys

Woke to a mild day and decided not to pass up the opportunity to get some time walking the countryside.  Meanwhile Jan had decided to bake scones and whip some of that double cream I’d purchased from Calcot the previous week. 
I’d earlier programmed a route into the Garmin gps from the OS website and headed off along the towpath towards Woolhampton.  Scarcely had I left the wharf when I was hailed by Bill, a blog reader and owner of nb Sea Vixen.   It’s always good to meet one of our blog readers.  I need the feedback if I am to improve the quality of the blog!  Bill informed me he had read my latest post regarding the proposed position of our bow thruster and mentioned his was also offset.  He then offered to show me his installation, which I willingly accepted.  Whilst we were discussing all things related to bow thrusters he mentioned the thruster being offset did result in a slight variation in thrust between sides.  However I think we can live with that.
The walk took me west to Woolhampton and then north before heading east.
Whilst walking beside the main road I came upon a milestone.  Although I’ve read about them, this was the first I’d seen.  The writing was illegible but a mile further on I came to a second and it was possible to just make out the word “London” and 48.
On the left side I could see the faint word “Reading” and 9
I crossed two ridgelines and three valleys but didn’t manage to find any serious hills for a strenuous workout.
Initially I thought I’d come upon a pub but apparently not.
Then the signpost opposite caught my eye.

I just had to walk along Cock Lane to “Tutts Clump”.  Can you imagine telling people you live in Tutts Clump! Smile
On my return I downloaded my exact route from the Garmin to the pc whilst simultaneously stuffing into my mouth home baked scones with blackberry jam and whipped cream.
Exactly 20 kilometres.


Amy said...

I'm sure Jan's scones were delicious, but really the true West Country way to eat them is with *clotted* cream! Whipped cream, although nice, just doesn't have the same effect. Sorry, but I'm a Devon girl born and bred and I am a great fan of the traditional cream tea with clotted cream! If we ever happen to cross paths while cruising, I promise a traditional Devon Cream Tea on board our boat!
NB Lucky Duck

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Amy,
You are quite right! We had clotted cream on the scones when we were living in Plymouth. Unfortunately all we had available today was the double cream I'd made as an "unauthorised" purchase last week.
Fortunately there were no complaints about the quality of today's scones from the boatyard staff!
I look forward to holding you to your promise when we meet :-)