Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thank You Towergate Mardon

Our marine insurance company (Towergate Mardon) has paid our claim for the:

  • Theft of equipment purchased directly by us and delivered to Ben Harp.
  • Damage done to Waiouru when she was stripped back to a bare shell.
  • Cost of repairs to return the vandalised and damaged shell back to a condition where rebuilding could commence.

We were not insured for the financial loss we incurred between the total money paid to Ben Harp Narrowboats and the value of the boat before she was damaged.  Nor were we insured for our extensive legal and other recovery costs.  Consequentially we have still lost a considerable amount of money. 

However we are most grateful to Towergate Mardon for accepting our claim.

We selected Towergate Mardon as our preferred insurer whilst we were still living in “Downunder”.  This was done before work on Waiouru actually commenced.  Actually I had previously asked Ben Harp Narrowboats if they would insure Waiouru for us and send me the bill.  In the end I decided to organise the insurance myself <phew>.  A good decision, as I suspect we would probably have received a bill for the cover; but no policy would have been purchased!

The choice of Towergate Mardon as our preferred insurer was actually made on the basis of the extensive research completed by Bruce and Shelia on nb Sanity Again.  A good reason for reading other boaters blogs!  Another tipping point may have been the fact that Towergate Mardon is based in New Zealand House, Shrewbury.

Both Jan and I carefully read the fine print (twice).  Jan’s comment was “Oh…. we’re not covered for water skiing!” Winking smile 

Towergate Mardon have fully honoured their obligations under the terms of the policy and we have already reinsured with them. 

Thank you Towergate Mardon.


Kevin said...

Hi Tom & Jan,
One to the good guys, well done :)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kevin,
I've always believed good service should be recognised!

Paul and Elaine said...

Hi Guys
I tried to use this company, but under their terms and conditions....

"About you
You or any person who uses the narrowboat:
• Are resident(s) in the in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or IOM and have been for more
than 1 year"

As we were in Oz and Caxton was in the UK I rang them to see if they would insure it,the answer was no but they could not tell me the reason!
Glad they came to the party with you guys.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,
Their conditions must have changed since we insured in Oct 2010. I phoned from Oz to confirm.

Best of luck with the house sale. We have our fingers crossed for you!
Tom & Jan

No Direction said...

We've been with them for 5 years.

Tom and Jan said...

Going with TM is the best canal decision we've made to date!