Friday, 17 February 2012

Some Progress

Day 5 and still no spray foam contractor <sigh>!  However the welders arrived this morning to fill in the incorrectly positioned galley porthole.

There are some blemishes on the join so it will have to be covered in filler and sanded back before I give it the mandatory two coats of primer.  I wanted the first porthole filled before they cut the adjacent porthole as I was concerned about potential distortion of the cabin wall.  Once the porthole was filled there was a discussion about the best way to cut the new porthole.  In the end the decision was made to use a jigsaw and cut it out using the same technique as I used on the previous porthole.

Now the wall oven will fit into the galley!

Pete and his mate went on to fit the steel cabin doors at the stern.  We’ve had a discussion about this task and eventually decided an additional horizontal steel strip will be welded across the inside face of the rear hatch.  This will act as both a weatherproof stop and provide a strong edge for the tongue of the mortise lock to fit behind.

I hope the spray foam contractor arrives early next week as we can’t proceed any further until the insulation is finished.

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