Thursday, 9 February 2012

So Lucky

Since starting to blog, I have noticed how lucky we have been and how many previously unknown friends and relatives have contacted us.

We’ve received two entirely separate emails advising we’ve won the national lottery.  And we didn’t even buy a ticket!  All we’ve been asked to do is supply our full banking details and PIN so the money can be transferred directly to our account.

Then a Nigerian prince contacted us to advise we were related and could we assist him.  He was being persecuted by the authorities and needed to move his £20m out of the country.  As his money was temporarily impounded he requested we send him £20,000 and he would give us £2m on his arrival.  Sounded like a good deal.  Unfortunately his request came too late.  We’ve given all our discretionary money to a boat builder in Staffordshire!

One bank regularly emails us to advise there is a problem with the security on our online account and would we click on the enclosed link to test the system.  The only problem is we don’t have an account with them?

I’ve lost track of the number of raffles we’ve won.  Then there are the proffered business opportunities that all guarantee to instantaneously make us wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

Today I received three emails. One from Mr Osipov Vitaly who would like to be a silent investor in my company.  Would I please send my bank details in order that he can transfer funds to my account.  Another from CitiBank advising my inheritance was available for collection and all I need to was double-click on the attachment. The final one is from an engineer offering me the opportunity to be a crude oil licence agent where I can double my invested money.

Regular readers may have noticed I’ve now removed the email button from the blog.  I did this after receiving a recent email and photo from, self proclaimed, distant cousins who had decided to visit after reading we were having a narrowboat built.  They thought there would be plenty of room for all of them.

Calais here we come!

I’m so pleased Google Mail has a good spam filter! 


Sue said...


I just can't stop laughing, tears are running down my face right now!

Kev's Blog Space said...

I think one day I will publish some of the comments I get to preview on my blog.

Anyone that doesn't have a blog will never know how redicilious some (most) of them are