Thursday, 2 February 2012

Knock Knock…. We meet at last!

Yesterday was such an interesting day! 
There was a knocking at the back hatch and I popped my head out to find Sue (nb No Problem) and the girls.  We knew Sue and Vic had been making their way East after being trapped by the stoppage on the other side of Newbury.  However I hadn’t realised they were so close.
We’ve been following Sue’s blog for some years and found it a very useful source of information about life as a constant cruiser.  Finally we got to meet and could ask many of those questions that have been niggling away.
Jan wanted to make a fuss of Lucy & Meg who appears to take it in their stride.  I was very impressed with the manner in which they conducted themselves.  Both are VERY well behaved and immediately respond to Sue’s quiet commands. 
I forgot to ask Sue if she also trained grandchildren. Smile
This morning under Sue’s steady hands, No Problem made her way past us and through the lock before winding and returning to the boatyard for a pumpout.
I was rather impressed with the way Sue threaded No Problem through the moored boats to get alongside.  She made it look so easy!
Of course she had the crew assisting!
Meanwhile, Vic was demonstrating he’d done this so many time that he could do it with his eyes shut. I managed to yet again produce another poor photo!  At least I’m consistent!
But my strategy of taking many photos in the hope one will turn out again proved to be correct.
I like Vic’s sense of humour but have reservations about his tastes when it comes to beer! Winking smileI seem to be stuck with Carling or Fosters.  Sue has suggested I attempt Old Speckled Hen.  Sounds interesting…. Just hope it’s nothing too foul fowl.

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