Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Knitting Blankets

WARNING - There is nothing boatie in this post

Some time ago I posted a photo of a blanket Jan knitted.  It was made by knitting woollen squares using a technique that allows the individual squares to be knitted together rather than being sewn. 

These are the instructions from Jan.


Size 10 needles 8 ply or double knit wool

Slip 1st stitch on every row. Knit into back of every last stitch.

  • Row 1 – Cast on 29 stitches
  • Row 2 – K13 K3 together K13
  • All odd number rows - Knit
  • Row 4 – K12 – K3 together – K12
  • Row 6 – K11 – K3 together – K11
  • Row 8 – K10 – K3 together – K10
  • Row 10 – K9 – K3 together – K9
  • Row 12 – K8 – K3 together – K8
  • Row 14 – K7 – K3 together – K7
  • Row 16 – K6 – K3 together – K6
  • Row 18 – K5 – K3 together – K5
  • Row 20 – K4 – K3 together – K4
  • Row 22 – K3 – K3 together – K3
  • Row 24 – K2 – K3 together – K2
  • Row 26 – K1 – K3 together – K1
  • Row 27 – K3 together

First square is now complete.

  • Cast on 15 stitches & pick up 14th stitch from the first square
  • Knit one row and now you have 29 stitches.
  • Continue as for the first square.

If you want the diagonal line in each square to appear as a defined pattern in the blanket you need to do some thinking about where to pick up the stitches for the subsequent square.

There will probably be some “trial and error” along with some serious swearing thinking!  Jan found that poking one’s tongue out the corner of the mouth helped her concentration when teaching herself the technique! Smile


Anonymous said...

This is the third time I have tried to reply - maybe this will be third time lucky!
Many thanks for these instructions Jan - I am really looking forward to getting started.
Tut-Tut Tom - how can you say there is nothing boatie in this post - many female boaters know that baking, boating and knitting go hand in hand! Just kidding!
I have been following your blogs for some time and applaud your determination and discretion. I do hope everything balances out in the end even if you cannot blog all the details.
Hopefully we'll meet on the cut sometime :-).

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,
As you can see the comment arrived! Meanwhile my head is down after being scolded. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jan, I love this blanket! I am a bit confused as to how to go about joining the second square to the first. As you knit the 14 stitches after the cast on, do you pick up each "bump" along the garter edge? Your work is flawless! Thanks for the idea!

Tom and Jan said...

Jan said it’s a bit of a brain teaser trying to work out how to knit the second and subsequent squares. But once you've worked it out you are away!

At the moment she is rather busy attempting to knit a fairisle jumper with a snowflake pattern on circular needles (it’s her own design and pattern). And she has to complete it by the end of May!

However, here are the original instructions which she received from my mother. Her photocopy is almost illegible so I’ve re-written them below.

Cast on 49 stitches (or as many odd numbers as you like)
First Row. Knit (slipping the first stitch and knitting into the back of the last stitch to make a trim edge)
Second Row. Knit 23, knit 3 together, knit 23.
Third Row. And every alternate row – knit
Fourth Row. Knit 22, knit 3 together, knit 22
Sixth Row. Knit 21, knit 3 together, knit 21
Continue in this manner until one stitch is left
Change the colour
Knit the one stitch and then pick up along the left-hand side of this stitch, 24 stitches, cast on 24, knit back and commence the square at row 2.
Do this for the length you require

Second Row of Squares
Pick up 24 stitches on the right-hand side of the last stitch, knit that stitch then cast on 24 stitches and continue as before.
Second square, second row: Pick up 24 stitches from the first row square, and then that single stitch.

Third Row of Squares
Cast on 24 stitches. Knit the one stitch, pick up 24 and continue.

Might I suggest placing the tip of your tongue in the corner of your mouth may assist :-)

Best of luck


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom. So kind of you to respond since Jan is under a deadline! I will definitely give this a go. I have never seen anything like this. And, to know that this was a pattern handed down from your mother is quite special. It will be a fun challenge for me to figure this one out. It would make a wonderful grandbaby blanket! Regards, Patty

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Patty,
When Jan has finished her latest "trial" I'm going to ask her to knit two squares and I'll take a series of photo's. Hopefully that will make it somewhat clearer.

Happy knitting


Deidhre said...

I stumbled across your post when I was looking for a way to knit a blanket without having to sew squares together. I have followed your instructions and had great success, thanks! I am posting further instructions and pictures as I knit it on my blog at http://mastercrafting.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/the-blanket-that-makes-itself/ . Thanks again for the inspiration!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Deidhre,
Well done on knitting the squares. Your blog instructions are an improvement on my own!

Theresa Aslett said...

I'm so glad I came across this pattern - not only does it completely cut out the dreaded 'making up' stage, but I actually love the look of it with the diagonal patterns from the decreases! I've just started mine, to use up some of my stash of wool, and it's looking great. I followed Jan's mother's instructions, which worked better for me at the 'joining next square' stage!
Anyway, thanks again, I'm loving this :0)

Theresa Aslett said...

On the original instructions from Jan's mother it says, under Second row of square:
"Second square, second row: Pick up 24 stitches from the first row square, and then that single stitch."
There seems to be a bit missing in the middle - I think it should read:
"Pick up 24 stitches from the first row square. Then pick up 24 stitches from the first square of the second row, and then that single stitch."

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Theresa,
Thanks for the additional info. Did you notice the link to Deidhre’s blog on 20 Oct link here
where she had a full set of instructions and photos on how to knit the squares together?

Theresa Aslett said...

Hi Tom and Jan
Thanks for that - I hadn't noticed that link, sorry! Just been to look at it and it's very well explained. That'll teach me to read through the thread thoroughly first!