Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Howling Time!

Well for the second consecutive day the spray foam contractor didn’t arrive.  Even more annoyingly we don’t have any contact details for him to find out when he is scheduling the work.  Needless to say we are both grumpy!

The sole downside of having a wife who is a fantastic cook is it all goes to the waistline!  In an effort to combat my affliction I decided a walk was in order and headed down the towpath to Woolhampton.

Jan and I have been discussing whether we might try a pub Sunday roast.  It’s something I’m ambivalent about (who wants to eat out when married to a great cook!) but I could tell Jan is looking for a break.  The Rowbarge is beside the canal at Woolhampton and there are two other pubs on the main road through the village.  Perhaps we will try one of them next weekend.

Don’t be fooled by the date.  One of the passing locals told me it was approximately 100 years out!  Still, 1820 is earlier than the arrival of the first European settlers in New Zealand.

From Woolhampton my direction took me north around the abbey and then I following the public footpaths in a general northeast direction before hitting a high chain mesh fence topped with three strands of barbed wire.  Actually there was an inner and outer fence.  I worked my way around the outside of the fence until I came to the entrance gate and a couple of buildings.

The auto-focus on the camera struggled with the fence so the building is slightly blurred.  However there is a large sign on the right side of the building.

The sign on the roadway explained everything.  So if it’s a full moon you know it’s not just me that’s howling!

I stupidly inadvertently allowed my mind to wander walking along the interesting paths looking at the snow covered countryside. But was suddenly jolted back to reality when I realised an hour had passed.  Turning south I walked up onto the ridgeline where I was able to get a view of the Kennet valley.  That’s when I realised I’d wandered well to the east of my intended route.  It was a long ‘slog’ back to Ufton where I had a late lunch.

Afterwards we decided to pumpout Ufton.  It wasn’t urgent but you never know what might happen during the next week.  Unfortunately the last person to use the pump out hadn’t drained the water from the pump and it had frozen.  Nick and I dragged a portable diesel heater around to the pump and warmed it for 10 minutes to defrost the pipes.  The water tapes were all frozen solid so Jan and I completed the pump out without doing the rinse.  People in love should share life’s pleasures.   Well it’s only fair…… we both put the ‘stuff’ in the tank so we should both remove it!

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