Thursday, 9 February 2012

Head Down and B#m Up!

I think I can almost see the end of the bilge and locker painting task.  The lockers in the cratch have been given two coats along with the smaller cockpit locker.  Most of the engine compartment has been given two coats.  However a small amount of melted snow managed to get into the bilge along with some grit.  The latter is probably from my boots.  The gas locker remains largely untouched.  There is probably half a day of bilge and locker painting outstanding.

This afternoon 10 litres of Waxoyl arrived at the chandlery.  Now that I’ve managed to dry and clean the interior side of the baseplate I’ll ask the boatyard staff for some instructions on how to apply the Waxoyl.  I don’t want a repeat of my blacking mistake error.

The 3M masking tape also arrived today.  This is another task for me to complete by Monday.  All the exposed edges of the timber battens inside the shell must be masked with the tape.  It then gets pulled off after the spray foam contractor has applied the correct thickness of foam insulation to the interior of the shell.  Andy informed me today the spray foam will be done next Monday. 

Finally, the steel fabricator is due either tomorrow or the day after.  The plan is for him to weld up (fill in) the incorrectly located porthole in the galley.  Then cut out a new porthole opening in the correct place.  He will also cut out one of the two porthole opening in the back cabin which Ben Harp covered over with a section of steel plate.

I may decide to cut out the portholes myself using an electric jigsaw.  This will depend upon the fabricator’s price to do the task using his gas plasma cutter.

The other task I completed today was to go around the inside of Waiouru and remove all the screws which had been left protruding from the timber battens after the original ply lining was ripped off the walls.   It was a messy job because many of them were bent.

James and Doug (nb Chance) called in on their way back from checking their boat.  They caught me applying the last couple of brush strokes of bilge and locker paint to the blackwater tank.  Sorry you couldn’t stay longer guys!


Bruce in Sanity said...


Keep up the good work!

Expect to get through around 6 blades if you cut the porthole yourself – that's tough steel!



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,

I guess it will be at least 12 blades as there are two portholes :-)