Wednesday, 29 February 2012

First Trip on Waiouru

Three tasks done today and a first trip on Waiouru.  All the plywood sheets for the floor were dragged out of the timber rack and placed against the fence.
Two coats of a waterproof sealer on either side and then stacked back in the rack for when they are required.
The Waxoyl was in the chandlery where it had been kept warm and “hopefully” the viscosity will be sufficiently thin to apply. 
It was not to be!  The stuff was the consistence and colour of clarified butter and simply wouldn’t pour out of the cap opening.  In the end I used a hacksaw and cut the top off one of the cans.  It was then a case of quickly and roughly spreading it on the baseplate between the steel joist with an old paintbrush.  The fumes were rather strong….. hence the heading “First Trip on Waiouru”!  Only one 5 litre tin was required so the second was returned to the paint store.
The plan is for the fumes to evaporate overnight.  Last job of the day was to carry all the tanalised pine for the floor battens from the workshop to the side of Waiouru for easy access tomorrow where (hopefully) a start will be made on laying the floor.

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