Monday, 6 February 2012

Early Start

I was up at dawn to see if would be possible to get some photo’s of virgin snow.  Unfortunately a couple of earlier birds had managed to deface the smooth white surface.

I need to do something about the blue tarpaulin over the bow of Waiouru.  The layer of snow has caused it to collapse and would have eventually melted, leaking into the cratch.

It was a very light dusting of snow and after yesterday’s cold snap the warmer temperature had already started to melt it.

However the ice in the lock hadn’t melted.

I went out for my usual Sunday walk.  This time I headed up the towpath to Woolhampton and then north using the public footpaths.  My plan was to complete a circuit which encompassed a visit to Douai Abbey.   The abbey is the home of a community of English Benedictine monks.  The order originated in France but moved fled to England after suffering severely during the French Revolution. 

It was the distant shape of the main building on the skyline that had caught my eye on an earlier walk.

I found the glass frontage quite interesting.

The front looks modern and the rear old.  If I’m correct then; in my opinion; the architect has done a good job of blending the two.

Across the road from the abbey was this row of cottages.

The date on the stonework was 1672.  So the cottages were there before the abbey!

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