Monday, 13 February 2012

Blog Comments

I’ve been slightly frustrated at not being able to leave a comment on some of the blogs I follow.  I can write the comment but then it just disappears when I click the preview button.  Why do I click the preview button?   Because often the security word doesn’t appear unless I first preview my comment.  This problem is confined to Blogger.

Today I searched google and found the following advice which reputedly overcomes the problem <click here>. 

The recommended solution is for the Blogger blog owner to ensure their comments setting is configured for a pop-up window.  Settings –>  Comments –> Comment Form Placement –> Pop-up window.

I don’t know if this is solution is valid, but I can confirm it’s the blogs with the embedded comments window at the bottom of the post where I’m have a problem.  If I have to click on “comments” to get a pop-up comments window then I can successfully leave a comment.


Sue Hunter said...

Thanks, I'll try that. I've been told many times that people have tried to leave comments on my blogspot but were unable. I await the anticipated results! Sue

Adam said...

Yes there does seem to have been a long-standing problem with leaving comments on blogs which have them embedded in the post rather than as a pop up. I gather the other work-around is to write your comment before logging in to Blogger, then when it asks you to log in, make sure the "stay signed in" box is not ticked.

Maffi said...

I had this problem and others had this problem with mine(it never used to be like that). You are right it does work.

Christopher Proudlove said...

Forgive the hijack, but I am frustrated by boating blogs that don't offer an RSS feed - unlike yours, of course. Good luck with the continuing build.