Monday, 9 January 2012

There’s not a much of Waiouru as we had planned.

Andy and I spent most of the afternoon preparing the CAD layout of Waiouru.  He asked me to physically measure the distances between porthole centres and the total length of Waiouru. 

To my surprise it appears our 58’6” boat is only 57’6”.  This has a potentially adverse affect on the location of the bathroom starboard porthole.  It may not be central in the toilet compartment.  The options are to leave the toilet the original size and offset the porthole; or make the toilet compartment larger and correspondingly reduce the size of the shower cubicle.  Additionally; our saloon is now 14ft rather than the planned 15ft.

I think we will be able to continue with Jan’s galley layout and we have also decided not to alter the dimensions of the bedroom.

Meanwhile Jan cooked recycled bread crust for dinner.  This involves saving approximately 3 weeks of home baked bread crusts.  These are soaked in canal water before being put through the secondary digestion process which converts them to meat.  It’s also very good for noise abatement.   The local duck population is in steady decline! Smile  OK…. I’m jesting… Jan wouldn’t allow me to eat her ducks!   However a noisy flock of Canadian Geese flew over late this afternoon and settled on the lake adjacent to the lock…….. I wonder if they would like to undergo the bread crust process?  

PS.  I’ve noticed the volume of email spam I’m receiving has increased since I started regularly blogging.  I hadn’t realised we had won so many raffles or had so many Nigerian relatives. Smile

The GMail spam filter is very effective and to date only one spam message has actually made it to our inbox.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Boaters recipe for Canada Goose:

Pluck and gut goose. Place a half brick inside body cavity and boil goose for 2 hours.

Remove from pan, place on roasting dish and roast at gas mark 3 for another two hours, basting frequently.

When goose is done, throw it away and eat the half brick.

All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Ah... same recipe as NZ Pukeko! (swamp hen). Like eating a bicycle inner tube

Anonymous said...

I believe that BW's idea of boat length includes the fenders, so that might explain the 57'6" length of the steelwork.

Dave - NB Sophie-Jane No.2

Bruce in Sanity said...

Yes, but I know Tim aims to build just an inch or two longer than the ordered shell, because discussed it one day.

Now I wonder who was planning to sell you a boat 12 inches shorter than he was charging for?


Tom and Jan said...

Bruce's pondering mirrors my own. Still, at least it will make it slightly easier to get around the network.