Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank You Nick Thorpe Boat Building!

On the 3rd August last year I wrote about all the victims of Ben Harp Narrowboat Builders <click here>.  One of these was Nick Thorpe Boat Building at Hixon.  Nick was commissioned by Ben Harp to complete the modifications to Waiouru without realising we were the rightful owners.  The requested modifications were part of Ben Harp’s strategy to steal our boat.  Of course Nick and Wendy Thorpe were never paid by Ben Harp, which must be hard on a small business.

During my August 2011 telephone conversation with Nick about what had occurred, he mentioned Ben Harp has requested the exterior cabin doors and rear hatch be fabricated.  Nick had completed the work and still had the doors & hatch.  He then very generously offered to give me both the doors and hatch and they arrived by courier today.

Nick and Wendy appear to be very genuine couple with a passion for the canal industry and who are attempting to develop a successful business.  We are most grateful for their generous offer and wish them every success for the future of Nick Thorpe Boat Building.

It restores one’s faith in the canal community when you meet honest and genuine people like Nick and Wendy.  Hopefully we will be able to meet them one day when we get out on the cut.


Gareth said...

That is really good. There are an awful lot of good, decent people out there.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Gareth,
Yes.... Nick and Wendy certainly fall into that category!

Graham said...

Did anything happen about Ben Harp and his various transgressions? I remember that the police were involved in some of it.

Full marks though to Nick Thorpe Boat Building. Such a contrast.


Tom and Jan said...

The last chapter in the Ben Harp Narrowboat story has yet to be written.
We are a patient; but very determined couple!

KR&D said...

Hi T & J
I had the pleasure of meeting Nick last Feb & spent best part of an hour talking boats with him. Top fella. I have since found out he is held in high regard. This helps prove that me thinks.

Keep the faith. I have a bottle of bubbly ready for the launch...
This little piece of decent human nature news has cheered me up on a crap work day. And iv'e got to cook me own supper!!

Kevin Ronnie & Donna

Tom and Jan said...

Yes... they appear to be a great couple and we are looking forward to the opportunity to meet one day!

Chicken in curry sauce for dinner. Now well stuck to the inside of my ribs (along with the lemon sponge pudding) :-)

Geoff and Mags said...

Great stuff
Restores your faith in human nature, doesn't it.

Tom and Jan said...

Sure does!