Monday, 23 January 2012

Slip Slap Slop

More painting today.  Sorry no photos; I was very busy… Maybe tomorrow!
This morning I managed to get the second coat of primer onto the roof.  The wind quickly dried it which enabled me to get the tarp over the roof and sides.  I was surprised to find the two pack blacking was still “tacky” but Darren, the boatyard painter, told me it wasn’t unusual given the weather.  I checked the blacking before leaving the boat this afternoon and it’s now dry.
In the afternoon I painted the engine hole and the cockpit lockers.  Then I gave the cratch a second coat of primer.
The plan for tomorrow is to pull the tarp from one side onto the roof and continue with a second coat of blacking.  I want to get two coats on as quickly as possible.  Then I’ll get the second coat of primer onto the sides and finish the cockpit.  This should keep me going until Tuesday evening.  The forecast for Wednesday is rain, which should provide some recovery time (please!).  Boatyard deliveries are made on a Thursday which will (hopefully) mean the arrival of the bilge and locker paint.
After two solid days of painting I’m starting to think Waiouru is growing longer! The more I paint; the more boat there is to paint. Open-mouthed smile

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Kev's Blog Space said...

I will never understand ow much paint a NB can take. I have restored a NB, and now building a Wide. The amount of paint needed is incomprehensible.