Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Show us you underwear

Doug, the grit blasting contractor, made a start on Waiouru today.  He and I dragged the covers off Waiouru and lay them over the adjacent boat which is out for survey.  It’s not necessary to cover the boat on the opposite side of Waiouru as it’s our for repainting.

After getting the covers off, Doug and I discussed where to start.  I asked for the roof to be completed first as this will be the area most touched by the covers at the end of the day and I wanted to give the area maximum time for the fresh primer to set.  The tarpaulin covers barely touch the sides of Waiouru so I’ve assessed they are of lesser importance.

However the very first thing we wanted to do was test whether it would be possible to remove Waiouru’s outer garments leaving her underwear behind.

Doug did a test patch on the side.  It looked like it might be possible to remove all the top coats of paint and leave at least some of the original primer on the steel.  We’ve also gone around Waiouru and blocked all the orifices which might have been contaminated with grit.  Mostly this means the diesel and water tank filling points.

Doug then made a start on the roof.  I reminded him (twice) there were three Houdini hatch openings as I don’t want him stepping backwards into one.  He assured me he will be working forwards and it therefore shouldn’t be an issue.  Notwithstanding this I suspect I’ll spend most of the time he’s on the roof carefully watching him ready to call out a warning.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the first photograph and the vandalism I can see this image in my mind a bit like the village fate where someone puts their head through a hole and has sponges thrown at them. Now who would be a good candidate?

Tom and Jan said...

I was thinking more of the Dark Ages Trial by Fire :-)