Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sad News

After posting some important mail I called into the wharf workshop to find the fellows all very despondent.  Richard told me they had just been informed Dennis died on Tuesday.

He was a lovely fellow and had done a terrific job reinstating the steelwork on Waiouru.  It’s 95% complete and I was looking forward to seeing him next week.  During our last conversation he was bemoaning his inability to find a young person he could train to take over his business.  Dennis told me he’d even give the person his vehicle and equipment once they were trained as he wanted to retire (we’re a similar age).  However he also bemoaned the lack of interest and the extensive bureaucracy it would take to employ someone!

It just reinforces the old expressions “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal” and “You’re a long time dead!”  If you have a dream……… don’t wait too long – it may be too late!

RIP Dennis.  Every time we sit in the cratch or change a gas bottle I shall remember you! Sad smile

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Paul and Elaine said...

That is a real shame RIP Dennis. I sometimes wonder whether we are doing the right thing, leaving a well paid job, leaving a great country etc. It doesn't last long though, life isn't a dress rehersal.