Monday, 30 January 2012

Kennet and Avon Canal Trust

Paul extended an invitation to accompany him to Newbury where he was considering listening to a presentation from the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust (KAT) about volunteering.  I immediately accepted the invitation seeing it as an opportunity to view more of the area.

We found a vacant parking spot adjacent to the canal and close to nb Jubilee, which is a KAT trip boat based at Newbury. 

Paul beside nb Jubilee

She is certified to carry a maximum of 30 passengers and it appears that many were already on board listening to the first presentation.  We waited around for an hour watching the frozen crazy canoeist training for the annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon.  I can’t imagine anything more unpleasant than paddling a canoe in winter.  The water from the paddles goes down your arms and neck.  There must also be a significant wind/chill factor.  Once out of the water most of the canoeist started to seriously shiver <brrrrrr>!

In the end we tired of waiting and headed back to Aldermaston via Greenham Common and Padworth.

Along the way Paul stopped to check on a couple of locals he knows.

Not recognised as one of my relatives

Meanwhile I wandered across the lane to look at the view across the valley and the church clock tower at Padworth College.

An interesting afternoon and I appreciated the invitation.

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