Sunday, 29 January 2012

Going the wrong way right

With a forecast of colder weather and possibly snow, we decided to do a pump out this morning.  I hadn’t envisaged we would ever get so excited about pump outs.  But then this is our three weekly cruise on Ufton.   All of 20 metres!  The fun part is reversing back onto the mooring skirting around the other boats moored three abreast.  I’m pleased to report I’m getting better at this “going the wrong way right”! I’ve learned where to position the rudder to keep the bow and stern inline when reversing and this morning I even managed to give it a “tweak” so the stern came across against the side of the wharf.  The pole didn’t get wet and no heaving on ropes!   However I’m not getting too “cocky”.  One successful movement doesn’t make me proficient.

After listening to Paul I even managed to get the bow away from the wharf by keeping the stern rope secured to the wharf whilst simultaneously engaging reverse.  Jan did the pump out.  Well I could be ill one day and she would need to know how it’s done!  I also dipped the diesel tank and we are currently all right for fuel.

Meanwhile Jan had decided to fatten up more of the local ducks using the remnants of yesterday’s home baked bread. 

Only one duck decided to enjoy the feast.  I’m not sure whether this is because he just happened to be in the right place at the right time or it’s an indication of the quality of the food?  The former I think!

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