Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dizzy Day

Poor Jan has experienced her third consecutive day of vertigo and nausea. Too much indulging in festive alcohol.  There’s only a small bottle of cider on board and its hardly been touched so I don’t think sly grog is involved.  She can’t lie down to sleep because it results in the cabin starting to spin.  This has forced her to spend and uncomfortable night sleeping in her chair.  I’m finding it lonely in the bed and miss having her warm her cold feet on my back.  Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do except offer sympathy whilst she “rides it out”.  I have offered to make a big bowl of my famous wheatbix stew but surprisingly this was declined.  I’m washing all most of the dirty dishes and even cleaned attempted to clean the toilet.  Please get well soon darling!

The local weather forecast was for a cold, windy but dry morning followed by rain in the afternoon.  Having learned my lesson two days earlier; I walked the 5 miles to the Sainsburys at Calcot in the morning thereby avoiding the afternoon showers.  It was good to get some fresh air.  The only downside being the very muddy and slippery stretches of towpath.  Jan now has her weekly “fix” of woman’s magazines and I’ve topped up the fruit supply.  I even bought some cream because I know assumed Jan would love to bake some scones for lunch tomorrow.  By the time I made it back to Ufton I was rather cold.  However a hot shower soon solved that. 

In the afternoon I checked the tarpaulins covering Waiouru and spent some time adding more canal information to my Google Earth file.  I’ve also been updating my Google Earth data on Calor gas suppliers located within walking distance of a canal.  Meanwhile Jan has been knitting me a second beanie from her surplus wool. 


Bruce in Sanity said...

This sounds very like labyrinthitis, and a trip to the GP would be a good idea; she may not need antibiotics, but some Stemetil would reduce her misery quite a bit.

Hope she gets well soon, before you starve to death!



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,
Jan has some Stemetil. It stops the nausea but not the vertigo. As for me......With a cast iron gut I can't starve :-)