Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Different Canals

We were delighted when Margaret and Peter found time today to visit us whilst they were in the area.  They are the owners of nb Kelly-Louise and very kindly allowed Jan and me use of her as temporary accommodation during September & October whilst we attempted to sort out what was happening with Waiouru.  We had a wonderful time living aboard and learned so much about life on the cut.

They are only in the Reading area briefly before heading further afield.  I won’t write much more as Peter can tell his own story on their blog <here>.  However, I will say it involves two canals……

The Suez and Panama. Smile

I almost forgot to take a photo (Note to myself…..got to think photo opportunity!). 

Margaret, Helen (Margaret’s sister) and Peter. 

We hope they enjoy their voyage and look forward to reading about it on their blog!

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